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Universe Candle

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Welcome the healing powers of the Universe Candle into your home!

The Universe Candle is a one of a kind hand poured, essential oil and soy based 8 wick stunning mega candle.

This breathtaking white porcelain vessel from Portugal was thrifted in Long Beach, California for a unique, modern mid-century vintage vibe.

The candle scent is a combination of chrysanthemum, patchouli and geranium which emits a wonderful fresh, earthy and herbaceous aroma.

Thoughtfully garnished with dried herbs, fluorite (boosts self-confidence), amethyst ( relieves stress), smoky quartz (stimulates grounding), blood stone (builds inner strength) and clear quartz (gives you clarity).

Embedded inside the candle is a hidden surprise palm stone crystal.

Set a positive affirmation each time you light the candle.

The surprise palm stone crystal will serve as a reminder of your last affirmation. 

128 oz

Burn time is over 200 hours

Remove excess soy wax by slowly pouring hot water into the vessel and allowing the water to cool. The wax will float to the top. Clean your vessel thoroughly with hot water and dish soap and enjoy it in a new way, whether as a plant pot or salad bowl. You will also be able to retrieve the crystals.