Ruby Aura
Ruby Aura
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Ruby Aura

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Inspired by Ruby Aura which is an uplifting Aura color that promotes wisdom of the heart. This painting also activates the base Chakra which flourishes feelings of safety and security. 

Benefits of magenta:

Great for harmony and emotional balance. It encourages common sense and a balanced outlook on life. This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Benefits of red:

Gives you inner strength, fills you with passion and courage, grounding, brings stability, energy booster, and attracts healthy love. Red is an action color, so it's a great reminder to go after what sets your soul on fire and believe in yourself. 

Benefits of pink:

Pink is the color of love and compassion. It's comforting, intuitive, nurturing and it makes us feel safe. Its authentic energy is great for harmonizing energies especially for relationships.

Benefits of orange:

Orange radiates warmth and happiness and helps us use our gut instincts. Great for emotional strength. It's uplifting, rejuvenating and is great to give you a more optimistic outlook and lighten your energy. 

Benefits of yellow:

The color of friendship and friendliness. The color of idealistic thoughts, cheerful spirits, positive communication, enlightenment, inspiration and vitality. Activates memory and boosts energy.

Benefits of white:

The light of cosmic consciousness. Peace and humility. White evokes visions, messages from the spirit world through dreams and opens the doors for healing to take place. White is calm, gentle and pure.

36 x 48" width and height. 

1 1/2 thick.

Acrylic on canvas.