Passion Ignited

Passion Ignited

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Passion Ignited captures the essence of the fire within all of us.

This piece is the perfect reminder to live an authentic life and to be true to yourself.

Benefits of blue:

Increases calmness, peace, honesty, kindness, truth, depth and devotion. Blue is a wonderful color to help you effectively communicate. It's great for protection and support. 

Benefits of purple:

Nerve calming, dilutes negativity, helps with meditation and focus, supports higher consciousness, boosts creativity and it's great for psychic power.

Benefits of yellow:

The color of friendship and friendliness. The color of idealistic thoughts, cheerful spirits, positive communication, enlightenment, inspiration and vitality. Activates memory and boost energy.

Benefits of red:

Gives you inner strength, fills you with passion and courage, grounding, brings stability, energy booster and attracts healthy love. Red is an action color so it's a great reminder to go after what sets your soul on fire and believe in yourself. 

Benefits of green:

Green brings peace and harmony, safety, growth, good health, balance, prosperity and luck. It's very grounding and has a soothing and reassuring energy. 

10 x 10" width and height 

1/2" thick

Acrylic of Baltic Birch Plywood with resin finish.

Versatile. Can be wall art, used as a coasted, jewelry or crystal holder.

Purchase comes with attachments for hanging.