Big Foot

Big Foot

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Big Foot is part of the Limited Conspiracy Series.

Benefits of maroon:

Gives you inner strength, fills you with passion and courage, grounding, brings stability, energy booster, and attracts healthy love. Red is an action color, so it's a great reminder to go after what sets your soul on fire and believe in yourself. 

Benefits of green:

Green brings peace and harmony, safety, growth, good health, balance, prosperity and luck. It's very grounding and has a soothing and reassuring energy. 

Benefits of black:

A powerful blocker of all negative energies. Black is great for protection, strength, and stability. Black allows you to channel inner power and is a great color for transitions and rebirth. 

12x12 inch width and length

1/2 inch thick.

Acrylic on Balic Birch Plywood with resin finish.

Purchase comes with attachment for hanging.