Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer

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Sun in Cancer is inspired by cancer season. 

Kind, compassionate and generous are common traits of cancers. The blue is connected to the water element of cancer. 

Benefits of blue:

Increases calmness, peace, honesty, kindness, truth, depth and devotion. Blue is a wonderful color to help you effectively communicate. It's great for protection and support.

Benefits of grey:

Grey is solid, stable, quiet and reserved. It's fantastic for focus, intellect, knowledge and wisdom. It's a great neutralizer and has a soothing energy. The color of no drama and emotional control. 

The premium acrylic paint was poured on Baltic Birch Plywood and finished with silver glitter mixed with resin. Add a beautiful pop of color to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Item can be used as a coaster, jewelry or candle holder. The resin finish makes it extra durable! Purchase comes with attachments for hanging. 

12 width and height.

1/2 inch thick.